Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Rest of February

Most of this month was just hanging on in there. I had student teacher conferences that month. We tested out the new baby monitor by putting it in the office room and using it to spy on the bunny. We didn't really celebrate Valentine's Day because I had bad acid reflux and didn't want to waste a good meal by throwing it up. We keep telling ourselves that we'll make up our Valentine's and our birthday celebrations later this year since we didn't do anything for any of those occasions, but we haven't had a chance yet.  Hopefully we can do something later this summer when my parents come to visit.

32 wks
33 wks.

34 wks.
35 wks.

Nest Cam spying on John and Jasmine.

Chocolate covered strawberries that I requested from John for Valentine's Day.

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