Monday, June 12, 2017

The Rest of the Trip

The rest of the San Diego Christmas trip:

  • Took graduation pictures for Claire at Balboa park 

  • Played Bonanza (the bean game) with Shel and Andre. John won and we all want a rematch. We're not that family that plays board games all the time, so if it ever happens it's kind of a thing. We used to play Scrabble at the holidays, and then it was Lord of the Rings Monopoly. We still need to find some people willing to play John's Game of Thrones game with us! 
  • Did the usual Japanese store run: Mitsuwa, Marukai, Daiso. I have to stock up on my Asian things. The girls also introduced me to 85 degrees Bakery Cafe which reminds me of the French Bakeries in Tokyo. You heard me right, Japan has really good bakeries! 

  • Took a lot of walks. Since I was pregnant I was trying to get my exercise in as best I could. I'd listen to my hypnobirthing Rainbow Relaxation track while I was out. Feel free to laugh about that. Luckily Christmas Card Lane was set up so the walks were entertaining.

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Jen Holtkamp said...

Claire's pictures turned out awesome! Well play the game of thrones game with you guys ha ha!