Monday, June 12, 2017

December Happenings

December was kind of a blur. School, as always, was super crazy because we do the Diamondback Giveback charity drive and I'm always trying to finish teaching and assessing the unit on cells before the Winter Break so the kids don't forget everything and fail. I was also looking for a long term substitute at the time (and failing to find one and freaking out!) and writing detailed lesson plans for my maternity leave. Then there were the usual Christmas preparations including gift shopping. Add pregnancy on top of it all and I was really ready for that break!

6 months pregnant. I wasn't really good about taking bump pictures. The only moment I felt like I had time that was regular was when I worked out so I kind of look gross in all of them!

A sweet gift from my principal, Rodney Shaw, to congratulate us on our pregnancy.

The annual Diamondback Giveback Award assembly were, if the students meet their can food point and money goals we, the teachers, make fools of ourselves. Some of the teachers have actual talents and perform them as well. I opted out this year.

I took family pictures for the Knowles family. They are the best! I taught both Becca and Ben when they were 7th graders.

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