Monday, June 12, 2017

Christmas in San Diego 2016

I'm playing catch up with pictures because I'm not pregnant and exhausted any more and Charlotte is finally on somewhat of a sleeping schedule which gives me pockets of time to get things done (hooray!).

Also, since having Charlotte, it's made me realize even more how fast time can pass and I want to remember the precious time I spent with the people that I love. Hopefully Charlotte and any future children can also look back and learn a little about their family and how we lived :)

We spent Christmas in San Diego this year with my side of the family.  This was just before the third trimester of my pregnancy before I felt uncomfortable and tired all the time. It was a little different this time because we were missing Thaddeus, David, and Allison. Dave and Allison had recently moved up to Las Vegas and were still settling into their new house and job at Kumon.

John and I kept our new tradition that we started last year of shopping for stocking stuffers for each other by going to a drug store and running around for an hour picking out random items. We went to CVS near my parents home and it was a little picked over. I think last year's finds were a little better. 

My pregnancy themed stocking stuffers from John. I ended up using the antacid tablets all through the next three months! Heart burn sucks!

OH yeah! Compression socks!

John was in charge of mashed potatoes. He always uses the recipe we got from Josh LeMaistre.

I was in charge of rolls as always.

Lauren and Leah in matching Christmas PJs. Classic!

We got Ollie a wooden car track for Christmas. I think we enjoyed playing with it as much as he did. 

The whole crew!

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