Sunday, December 4, 2016

Since I Have More Energy Now

We have been alive this fall, but I was feeling less energetic toward the end of the summer as my pregnancy progressed and I got to experience the exhaustion, throwing up, etc. that come with that. I'm not complaining though. I took comfort that I had these symptoms because it helped me have hope that this pregnancy was going to stick.

I thought I'd write a quick catch-up so I can remember that we did still live our lives during that time, even if I spent a lot of it sleeping on the couch. Also, I didn't take any time to really edit these pictures so excuse the weird colors on some of them. I just know that if I don't post them now I never will.

In August, John's sister Stephanie and our niece Sarah came to visit from Denver. Sarah was attending a gymnastics camp at BYU and so I got to do a lot of lunch dates with them once the camp was over each day. John joined us for dinner a couple of times.

School started again and I was really looking forward to it after such a sluggish end of the summer. It was really good for me to be forced up on my feet each morning and to start working. We got a new Utah Studies teacher on our team, Madi Feist, and we love her! She fits in so well with me and Lauren and we have a lot of fun together. Also, our students are angelic this year compared to some of our past years and I am so grateful I get to teach this group!

We also had a reunion with Franco (the former Utah Studies teacher on our team) and his wife. Franco's wife Jodi found us tickets to Newsies and we enjoyed a night downtown at the Copper Onion followed by a great show! On a scale from Eyes Wide Shut to Jaws we gave it a Goonies ;)

The Holtkamps came to visit from Austin and we had dinner at one of our favorite places: Bruges Waffles and Frites! I miss having Jen ten minutes away to hang out with, but I'm glad they've loved Austin and am excited for their next adventure in Southern California. This way I'll be able to see them more since both of our families are in San Diego! 

We tired dim sum for the first time. I was still in the nauseated stage so I don't know if I appreciated it as much as I normally would have, but I did like it! I'm a big fan of the sesame balls! There needs to be more glutinous rice in the world!

We hung out with our pet bunny who seems to be constantly shedding. She only lets us pet her when she's in certain areas of the office room. The ottoman of this reading chair is one of those places and it gets pretty furry sometimes. We go through a lot of lint brush rolls. 

For the school's UEA (Fall) Break we headed up to the mountains and spent a couple of days completely relaxing at the Stein Ericksen Lodge in Park City.  John's company does this amazing thing for their employees called a Paid Paid Vacation and we decided to go all out and use all of it on this trip.  We got a large room with a hot tub on the deck, I booked a mother-to-be massage, we ordered room service, and we let ourselves forget the world for a short while. 

View from our deck.

Not pictured were several photo sessions. The fall is always a busy time for me because it's also Christmas card season. John comes with me to most shoots to assist by holding scrims and reflectors, schlepping my camera bag, and getting kids to laugh with his antics. We both enjoy getting to know the families better that we photograph. 


Emily said...

Lovely pictures as usual. Hope you're feeling a bit better!

Jen Holtkamp said...

So great to see you guys! That picture of your rabbit is cracking me up for some reason!