Sunday, September 4, 2016

Denver: Hike to St. Mary's Glacier

I felt like a bump on a log a lot of the summer as far as outdoor adventuring, so it was nice to get outside while we were out of town to enjoy the fresh air. Amanda picked a great hike, St. Mary's Glacier, that was at a high enough altitude that it was nice and cool and also easy enough for the kids to walk on their own.

We left nice and early to try and avoid the crowds. It was still a little crowded, but still lots of fun. 
Snack break! I wish I had packed some fruit snacks of my own! One is never too old for fruit snacks in my opinion.
Destination reached!

People were cliff jumping to the right and snowboarding and skiing on the glacier right behind Hugo. 

Random complaint: What is up with people not picking up after their dogs?! There were frequent piles of dog poo bags that owners left on the trail and to the sides of the trail. It made certain areas look really gross and smell. Also, one lady didn't bring a bag so she just put a small rock over her dog's pile in the middle of the path. I can just imagine some poor innocent hiker sliding in that a few minutes later! I guess it's just the eco-conscience California upbringing I had. We were taught as early as elementary school that you don't litter. In our minds it was practically against the law so when I see people leave refuse in nature it bothers me.

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