Monday, August 15, 2016

Washington D.C.

Back in June, members of the faculty at my school were invited to present at the National Schools to Watch Conference in Washington D.C. My team presented on moving to a paperless classroom through the use of Google Classroom and Chromebooks. Luckily, in between conference events there was a little time for sight seeing!

Day 1: Washington Monument, The White House, and Shake Shack.

The majority of our group (including myself) took a flight that came in late in the afternoon. We had a few hours before it got dark to sight see and eat.

Laurie, one of our vice principals, is moving to an elementary school this coming year and I'm going to miss her so much!

Teacher Squad: Lauren teaches English on my team, Gayle teaches 8th grade science, and Brandee teaches 8th grade English.

Sheldon napping. 

We stole this pose from a little Korean boy. It quickly became a "thing" and a tourist couple copied it right after we got down.

For the great burger debate, I felt like I had to try Shake Shack again and I think they win for best fast food burger. Their fries and shakes not so much for me. Also, we're all sweaty and tired in these pictures from walking around in the humidity.

Day 2: The Cannon Building, Library of Congress, Museums, and the Monuments at Night

Part of the conference was to meet with our state representative to talk about concerns in education. Ours was Mia Love, but she was actually back in Utah. We visited her office and talked to her reps instead.

Mike, you made it on the blog! Franco (gray shirt) was the history teacher on our team last year. He's leaving us to be a V.P. Mike teaches 8th grade English.

Smoking hot on the Canon Building stairs.

We took a late walk (past midnight!) to see the monuments at night. I didn't bring a tripod so these are all pretty blurry, but you get the idea.

Day 3: The Long Hot Walk in Georgetown, Georgetown Cupcake, and Getting Rejected at a Restaurant.

Mike made it on again!

Hotel room dog pile!
The line at Georgetown Cupcake. I put this on our to do list based on a tip from my friend Jen.

We ordered half a dozen to share between me, Lauren and Franco, but they kind of melted together after walking around in the heat all day. They were still delicious though!

The Exorcist Stairs. I hadn't seen the movie before coming here. I tried when I got back home and couldn't finish it! Also, our principal was trying to show us the part of the movie with the stairs in it and accidentally showed us this clip, which had me cracking up! 

Semi-sad story behind this picture. I made reservations for a nicer restaurant for us that night, but they had a nice dress code that the whole group didn't meet. We got punted from the place, but ended up at The Pig which was wonderful.

This was our last day in D.C. where we accepted our 3rd year resignation award (I stole this picture from Sheldon's facbook.)
Last thoughts:

  • I hate humidity with a passion. I hate humid heat even more.
  • Wearing my hair natural in humidity makes me looks like a crazy mess.
  • It was really fun sight seeing with work friends, but I want to go back soon with John to see more!
  • & Pizza that Mike and Franco found was so good! I need to go back there. Add balsamic to their white pizza.
  • We used Uber a lot and had quite a few free rides because we discount shared codes with each other. 
  • Not pictured: our horror movie night when we made Gayle watch The Forrest (which is actually a very lame movie) and sent her creepy texts all night. Also the walk we made to Georgetown University, after which we immediately turned around because we were all too tired and hungry to tour the campus. 
  • We also went the to the American History Museum but didn't take any pictures there. 

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Jen Holtkamp said...

Looks like an awesome trip! I miss DC so much! Hope your next trip is in the fall or spring for the cherry blossoms when it's less hot! ;)