Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Rest of San Diego Part 2

And the last part . . .

Hanging out with Oliver
One of my favorite things this trip was to be able to play with my nephew Oliver. The next oldest grandchild on my side of the family is 15 so it's been nice to have a little one around again!

Always on the move! 

This is just random, but I was looking through my old books that were in the room we were staying in and thought these ones pretty much summed up elementary school aged me.

Yes, more food! I'd been wanting to try this yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) place for a long time and we finally made it there! It was delicious! 

Blurry, but the only one I had with Lauren and Leah. 

My nieces Lauren and Leah have been getting really good at doing make-up and they did a make-over for me and my other niece Claire. I didn't get any pictures of myself but did get some of Claire. Recently, I went in for a free make-over at Sephora and although the artist did a really good job, I had learned a lot of the techniques already from these two girls! I will report that I was finally able to get a pair of false lashes on by myself, so I'm improving a little.

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