Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Rest of San Diego Part 1

Seeing as summer in it's last official month, I thought it would be a good idea to finish up with my vacation posts!

Donut Bar
I had read on a list someone posted that this was the best donut place in California, and perhaps the U.S. (Utah's was Banbury Cross). I had also promised my dad an order of these donuts for his birthday. We ordered 2 dozen and got to skip the super long line to get our fresh from the oven confections.  Overall, I thought the donuts were good and very creative but I think I'm I more classic donut fan and less about crazy toppings. I want to try Blue Star in Portland (or Tokyo!) next.

The ones on the bottom were creme brûlée! 

Graduation Party
David and Allison threw a little graduation party for James and Lauren. There was so much good food! You'll notice I talk a lot about food ;)  I had one of my former Young Women draw this caricature of James as Richie Tenenbaum for part of his graduation gift since he played tennis on the varsity team.

Visit to Grandma Dolores
John's grandmother lives just up the coast from my parents in San Clemente so we spent a day visiting her and going out to lunch together on Del Mar avenue. Grandma told us stories about how she met her husband and the good old days of attending UCLA. Go Bruins! 

Or should I say Little Asia? I never know what to call it, but San Diego has a great district in Kearny Mesa that has a ton of Asian markets and restaurants. I love hitting up Mitsuwa and Maruki every time I visit to stock up on treats and beauty products.

We went to a Korean shaved ice restaurant, Iceskimo, that my classmate from high school owns. 

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Jen Holtkamp said...

Blue star is so good and classic. I tend to lean more towards the ones that are less crazy, the frosting can be too sweet sometimes!