Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break: San Diego

We went to San Diego to visit my family for Spring Break this year. It was a much needed getaway and so nice to be separated from the snow and dreary weather in Utah. We stayed with my parents and slept in the rumpus room which is always fun for me because I like to look at our old children's books on the shelves there.

The mornings were nice and lazy. We slept in until 9 every day and walked around the backyard after breakfast. San Diego is really green right now from the El Niño rains so the grass was lush despite the continuing water restrictions and there were tons of birds chirping (towhee's, western nightingales) in all the trees. That's one thing I miss living where we do. You would think the mountain west would have more trees and wildlife, but new-ish suburban Utah is pretty barren. I like that San Diego's neighborhoods are a little older so things have had time to grow and settle in there.

Our first outing was to Raki Raki Ramen with Michelle and Andre. My co-worker suggested I watch Mind of a Chef and season one is all about David Chang (of Momofuku) and noodles! The episode had me craving ramen and since I haven't found a decent noodle place where we live to it was very satisfying. After lunch we headed to La Jolla shores. We visit San Diego about twice a year but haven't touched the ocean in awhile, so it was one of our priorities this trip.  It was my nephew, Oliver's, first time at the beach and we could tell he loved it immediately as he kept wanting to charge ahead into deeper waters! I'm still following Andre's wishes to not post any pictures of Oliver's face in full view, but trust me when I say there were a ton of really cute pictures of him splashing in the shallows. I have so many good childhood memories of trashing around the waves and digging for sand crabs here and I hope Oliver gets to have those memories too.

I thought it was going to be a lot colder and didn't dress so well for the water. I grabbed my mom's old hat when headed out the door that afternoon and it happened to match my shirt. 
Shel and Andre went back to their house to change Oliver out of his wet clothes and we headed over to the Cove to check out the tide pools. I took John here once when we were first married, but he didn't really remember it. The rock area that makes up the tide pools has eroded a lot over the years and there wasn't much to see, even though it was low tide. There were mostly just sea anemones. The seals that used to populate the Children's Pool area have taken over the northern side of the Cove, which made it stink! Apparently there's a hot debate right now about the seals and their smells between the local business owners and the environmentalists. We witnessed some naive tourists harassing the seals by trying to touch them which is also another of the environmentalists complaints.  The seal pups were very cute, but we just took a couple pictures and tried to leave them alone as much as possible.

Another day during our visit, we went on a hike through the Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve to see the famed "waterfall". Calling the rocky area were the stream trickles over the rocks The Waterfall is kind of a joke to those of us who grew up here. It's nothing like the larger mountain falls in Utah or those you'd see in Hawaii, but it's our bit of nature in the middle of suburbia. I've tried to show John the waterfall on multiple occasions, but depending on where you start hiking, it can take some time, and we'd never made it until this trip. Jen and I had this dream in high school of biking or hiking the trail to the ocean, but we never made it. I also used to run this trail several times a week when I was in high school and it was funny to me that the walking half of it tired me out so much. I blame the midday sun ;)

Oliver was so relaxed he passed out part way through the hike. 

The waterfall area. The water was nice and clean this time! No yellow foam!

One of my most exciting memories of this area was when we found a dead swan down near the stream. Dead things are exciting when you're 10 (or in your 30s).

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Ha ha ha! I remember that! I think we actually started biking it once 😂