Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Salt Flats Birthday Drive

I kind of planned my own birthday celebration last year because I had something really specific that I wanted to do, so this year I didn't want to be in charge at all. I asked John to come up with a plan and this is what we ended up doing:

  • Breakfast at Lamb's Grill - blueberry pancakes, biscuits and gravy
  • Picked up a picnic lunch at Tulie bakery including a tart and some cookies
  • Drove to the Salt Flats while listening to a playlist of podcasts John thought I would like. My favorite was the episode called *Debatable by Radiolab.
  • Played around the Salt Flats and took pictures. John did a lot of research and brought my wellies for me. So sweet! I didn't realize that the flats were covered in a layer of water at certain times of the year. 
  • Dinner at the Copper Onion - those lamb riblets and the sticky toffee pudding!

*John lettered in debate in high school. He said he was terrible at it and hated that the main way people won was by talking faster than the other team. I never realized what real competitive debate sounded like until I listened to this!

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