Monday, April 11, 2016

Rotating Sushi Bar in San Diego

On our last day in San Diego for Spring Break we decided to try the new-ish Kula Revolving Sushi Bar in Kearny Mesa.  We had passed it earlier in the week while going to the ramen shop and Iceskimo (more on that later) and it had a line outside both times. John and I have fond memories of our rotating sushi bar experience in Tokyo and were curious about this one. Lauren, Leah, and my dad were game to test it out with us. Overall I'd say that the sushi was alright, but the atmosphere was really fun and I would go more for the novelty of grabbing sushi off the conveyor belt.

Ew. I actually tried Natto this trip but I don't think I could eat that much of it!

A girl in the booth next to us reached back and snatched Leah's sesame balls! Thief!

My favorite was the salmon with umami oil as well as the sesame balls. 

We ate enough sushi to get the gachapon prize twice!

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