Sunday, February 7, 2016

Favorite Winter Skincare 2016

Lately I've been trying to invest in some quality skin care products. I think being in your 30's makes you realize that fashions may come and go, but you're stuck with your skin for life. Utah winters always do a number on my face, even though I've lived here for over 9 years now. I used to consider my skin oily when I was living in San Diego, but in the mountain west it definitely craves moisture. Here's what I've been using lately to keep things in check. After the facial I had this summer I've been loving Eminence products, so you'll see a lot of those in this list.
I was using Cetaphil's moisturizing cream previous, but tried a sample of this and was instantly hooked! It holds moisture a lot better than the Cetaphil and just a dab goes a long way.

The next three items were recommended at the facial I got in the summer. This mask smells like fresh strawberries and cream and is full of hyaluronic acid. There are actual strawberries mashed in it. My face feels like it got a good drink after using it.

This toner is so nice a refreshing! I like to reach for it anytime my skin is feeling a little dry, which honestly is only when I'm home on the weekends because I don't take my products to school and even if I did I would never have time to use them. I also use it every morning and night to prep my skin for other products.

My sister Michelle had been using this serum for a while before it was also recommended by the aesthetician. It really keeps the skin hydrated, but I don't like wearing it under makeup because it can  pill up if you rub it too much. 

This mask is my favorite for a deep clean! It smells like pumpkin pie filling (which makes me want to eat it) and has a nice tingling effect to it.  I like things that make me at least feel like they're working. I also like things that smell edible if you haven't noticed.

I also want to try this one which also looks like food.

I got hooked on these Pure Smile Japanese (they're actually made in Korea) sheet masks when I picked them up at Mitsuwa in San Diego last year. They're $1-$1.50 at Japanese stores and are a no fuss quick fix to skin problems. They have similar ones at Sephora but they raise the price a lot there. The masks are soaked in a serum of hyaluraonic acid, collagen, arbutin, and vitamin-E. My favorites have been this yogurt one as well as a green tea and camilla one. There's also a set that features dessert scented ones which I want to get my hands on! 

I got a sample of this facial oil from another aesthetician. Honestly, I'm not fond of the smell but like this for mornings since it's moisturizing, brightening (a nice wake-up for morning skin), and doesn't pill up under make-up. It's pricey but a single drop goes a long way.

Besides these, I still love my staples: Kiehl's lip balm, SkinMedica 2.5 retinol, and the prescription of generic clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide.

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Kristen said...

Interesting that you like the Eminence products. I've tried a few now and I honestly have not been impressed. I know a lot of people who love Fresh as well but everything I've tried has been "ok." I am a huge SkinMedica fan (although I think I need to step it up in the Retinol dept since my skin isn't peeling from it anymore!) Other fun finds, Pixi Glow with Glycolic Acid. I got that in London last year and now it's all the rage here. I also LOVE Hydropeptide "Face Lift" and SkinCeauticals CF Ferulic Prevent have also both really helped my skin to not feel so dry here. Crazy as this sounds, I'm working on a skin care line with two friends right now...I will bring you some samples to try next time they come through the lab!