Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Christmas Morning

Wrangling 5 different groups of people, some with kids, to get ready and open presents together is a great feat! I think we finally started unwrapping packages at noon. The littlest kids had so much to open they eventually got bored and ran off to play with the first set of toys they received. I really enjoy seeing what other people get each other as gifts, partially to see if I can get any good ideas for the future, but I also think you learn interesting things about people when you see what those closest to them get them and how they react.

One thing I've missed since being married is the stockings my mom used to put together for us. I loved the little treats, random stationary supplies, socks, and girly things she would get for us. I was telling John this and he came up with a fun idea to do stockings last minute. Right before midnight on Christmas Eve we both went to the closest drugstore and picked stocking stuffers for each other. Some were random and hilarious like the lavender shimmer Star Wars lipstick, or delicious like the Korean BBQ turkey jerky. John was sweet and remembered some of the weird childhood things I used to want like ring pops, and gummy candy shaped like other food. It was also a little like playing Marco Polo because we had to avoid each other in a small space and time our check outs so we wouldn't run into each other.

Hugo thought the Spiderman stocking I got John was for him. I felt bad for him when he found out it wasn't!

My stockings! They're John's real socks . . . but they were new socks.

All the little nieces and nephew were jealous of my stocking treats. What does that say about me and my tastes?! 

John got a lot of placeholder gifts because they couldn't be wrapped or couldn't ship to Denver.  The kids also were jealous of this one. They had no idea what Fallout was but liked the pop-up. My elementary school paper skills finally came in handy! I should have tape laminated it!

This gift was inspired by Jen's and Dave's recent Portland trip.  Tip: the caramel apple one was NOT a favorite! John liked  the snickerdoodle and olive oil. I had these shipped to Utah for when we got back. 

Etta was very helpful with opening gifts. 

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molly said...

salt and straw salted caramel is my fave! These ideas are adorable. Go team!