Sunday, January 17, 2016


Some more catch up from earlier this winter. December was a blur, as it is for most people with the holidays. I had an embryo transfer, which is not really a difficult procedure as the patient, but waiting for results can be nerve wracking. It ended up that we were in Denver when we had to do the blood work to see if the transfer worked and we got back a negative. We still have a few chances left, so we're cautiously optimistic but ready to move on if need be. Since I have to wait a couple of months between each new round of treatments we could potentially be doing this for another year, which is kind of daunting to think about. But, we've been doing it seven years, so I guess what's another one? I do get antsy sometimes. I've been toying with the idea of going on sabbatical and getting my masters in administration or even taking time off from teaching to get a photography degree.

In other news, we got a new pet bunny in the beginning of the month. Her name is Jasmine (pre-named by the breeder) and she's a Holland Lop.  We are loving having a rabbit again and it's a nice distraction from the hectic schedule of work, church callings, and doctor's appointments. It's very therapeutic so sit on the floor and watch a bunny play, I highly recommend it!  :)

Family photo shoot with the Sagers up Mill Creek. These kids were amazing, right down to their 3 year old, who all braved the below freezing temperatures for an hour.

Our baby bunny Jasmine. 

Imperious looks won't get you anywhere.
The mad preparations of Christmas.

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