Sunday, November 15, 2015


October was kind of a whirlwind for us.  I feel like I missed out on Halloween and all the fun fall things that most people revel in (and others despise with a passion).  Here's a little rundown of our autumn. Most of the pictures are from my phone.

I got really sick for a week.  High fever and chills on and off, random muscle pains, joint pain, dizziness, and sleepless nights. I went to urgent care and they drew blood and couldn't figure out what was wrong. They just said I had a bad virus. I now feel a lot of empathy for those with fibromyalgia.  I think I temporarily experienced some version of it from not sleeping for 6 nights straight. I did half watch a lot of Disney movies and a Korean drama. I spent Halloween passed out on the couch while John handed out candy.

I also got a weird rash all over my body (this is my forearm). My face looked like I had a sunburn and I felt like a leper.

We had to return poor little Pony Boy! Turns out he had a chronic bacterial infection of Pasteurella multocida which is commonly known in the rabbit world as the dreaded Snuffles.  Our choices were to medicate him for life or put him down. Our breeder said she would take him back and treat him and make the decision so we wouldn't have to. I was thankful for that but also a little sad.

Stay gold Ponyboy!
I took a lot of pictures! I had 7 photo sessions in less than two months. The sessions plus the editing took up a lot of my free time so we didn't have many unoccupied weekends. The pictures from this season have been some of my favorites though! 

I was in charge of YW in Excellence this year. I think it went well! I wish we had more girls that could have attended (there were a lot of extra curricular conflicts) but I think the girls and leaders did a great job of speaking and presenting and everything ran smoothly. And I won't lie, it's also nice to have it over ;) 

There's a new rabbit waiting for us! We found another Holland Lop breeder and she chose a bunny that she thought would be a great pet for us. We'll be picking her up after Thanksgiving break once she's 8 weeks old.

Our future bunny, Jasmine. John wants to change her name. It's going to be hard to top Ponyboy.
John is still loving his job and feels good about his new-ish managerial responsibilities.  We attended the Bamboohr holiday party and won an ipad mini in the big game at the end.  

Dice game for prizes at the Bamboohr Holiday Party.
I bought lounge clothes. I don't know what this means or what this says about me, but I realized I didn't really own any. I'm usually in my work clothes, workout clothes, or church clothes all of which don't fare well for chilling around the home. I think being sick for so long made me realize that I can't survive on one pair of PJ's. I hope this is not some sort of devolution and that I control myself to not wear these clothes out in public.  

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