Sunday, October 18, 2015

Girls Camp 2015 at Heber Valley

I feel like this picture pretty accurately describes the general state of Girls Camp. A little crazy, a little messy, but lots of fun! This was a ward year for camp so we put our ward on the waiting list for Heber Valley which is an amazing camping site owned by the church. It has breathtaking natural beauty but also cabins and showers! It's basically the best of both worlds and makes life easier for a leader and super fun for the girls. As luck would have it we made it to the top of the list and got to enjoy this beautiful retreat! I think I have close to a thousand pictures from camp so I just chose a few and tried to include some of myself because that's what my family will want to see :) 

Abbey was super excited about her Secret Sister gift.

One of my main jobs up at camp was to oversee the food preparation.  I gathered my crews for each meal and gave them directions on how to prep and cook. They also had to serve the rest of the camp before they ate. The food was great! 

This is my leader twin Jesika Forbush! One of the days the girls participated in a challenge course that has spiritual lessons tied to each physical challenge.  One of the activities was a zip line that they also had the leaders use. 

I planned my descent pose really carefully but ended up just laughing at the end. 

Our lovely leaders that came up to camp. I love these ladies and appreciate the heart and sacrifice they put into their callings and the support they give to me.  You can see some of our cute photo bombers in the background!
Typical floor decor in the "messy cabin".

The senior missionaries that help run the camp also oversee a lake day for each group that comes up.  Most of it consisted of the girls soaking the leaders while we lamely tried to escape in our paddle boats.

As you can see, I was really inspired by the Japanese and their efforts to avoid the sun. I'd also had a pretty bad burn from a photo session on my arms a few weeks early and didn't want to exacerbate the damage. I can make fun of myself and realize this looks ridiculous! But, I will be thankful when I'm 50 and have (hopefully) healthy skin.

Our giant game of Big Bootie. 

Bro. Edwards may be one of the few males ever in the history of Monarch Meadows Girls Camp to make it to be Big Bootie! The girls quickly got him out after a round.

The bishopric members always come the last night of camp for testimony meeting.  They were such good sports and let the Young Women give them manicures. 

Our amazing Camp Director, Heather Stewart! I don't know what we would do without her! Her husband Sheldon also comes up every year and stays the whole week to help even though he's also the Young Men's president and already does Scout Camp each summer. These two give so much of themselves for the youth. 

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Jesika Forbush said...

I love this and I love you! How blessed we were to be at Girls Camp!