Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trip Back Home to San Diego

I went back home to San Diego for a week to visit my family and to spend time with my new nephew, Oliver. I'm still not allowed to post any pictures of him, but I assure you that there were plenty of cute ones! John stayed in Utah to continue the project that took him home early from Denver.

Lemon cake I made for a family gathering. I made this recently for some new neighbors and my new name with their 3 year old is now "Lemon Cake Lady". 

Petting the sting rays at Chula Vista Marine Center.

Here's a back of the head shot of Ollie. Can you tell how happy my mom is to be holding him? I think everyone is ecstatic to have a baby in the family again.
Claire recreating the incident when she was younger and pretended to eat her ramen like a beaver spilling the whole bowl over herself and the floor.

These girls are getting so old! Both are in high school now.


ellen said...

does Lemon Cake Lady share her lemon cake recipe?!?

Emily said...

I love your family! I am also interested in lemon cake! Lovely pictures- especially of your mom and you with your nieces and the seahorse. I didn't know they had a marine place in Chula Vista.