Sunday, September 6, 2015

LeSueur Family Vacation 2015 {Rockies Game}

Also part of the LeSueur family vacation was watching a Rockies' Game in a suite! Now this is the way to see a baseball game and it may have spoiled me for life! We all showed our unity and support by wearing our matching purple and white reunion T's. Yes, we were that family. But it was fun being that family all together :)

We had some University of Nebraska cheerleaders next to us. They spent most of the game taking various selfies and going to get food from other parts of the stadium. I think they only watched about 30 min. of the game total. 

All of us!

I made John and our nephew Matthew take a picture together to see if John could still pass for a college student at BYU.   What do you think? Matthew will be a freshman this year at the Y. 

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