Monday, August 24, 2015

Sushi with JP

After coming back from Japan, John and I both got sick for about a week. Warm weather colds are the worst! Turns out we both had sinus infections and needed some antibiotics to clear things up. After that I was only at home every other week for the rest of the summer. It was fun and a little crazy and I left my bag packed and sitting in my bedroom for all of July. In between trips I was able to spend some solid time with friends that I usually only hang out with sporadically during the school year. A lot of the catching up was done over food!

JP took me out for a belated birthday celebration early in July. We had intended to go to a Filipino place but it was closed when we arrived. Instead JP introduced me to a candy and soda fountain store called Pops and Sweets where JP treated me to some cheesecake Kit Kats and chocolate banana Pocky from the Japanese candy section. JP had her first taste of Ramune and I got to show her how to use the plunger to get the marble out. After gathering a sufficient amount of sugar we many delicious nigiri and sushi rolls for lunch.

Gabriel and Jen.

This jewelry box was handmade with palm fronds by JP's Marshallese friend.

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