Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Cottonwood Hike with the Nashes

We took a short hike with the Nashes up Little Cottonwood Canyon during the week of the 4th. The boys were so cute and insisted on hiking themselves all the way in, but got a little tired on the way out. We dipped our feet in the river, enjoyed feeling the crunch of dry pine needles under our feet, and tried to pretend that no one was there but ourselves. Vaughn always invites us to eat something with him at the end of our hangouts, even though he's only 3.  It's usually ice cream. We drove back to the Nash house and picked up some good street tacos from Tacos el Pariente and had some ice cream bars afterwards. Thanks Vaughn!

Always the unwilling muse.

John vs. John shoot out.

Oh those little feet kill me!

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