Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Japan Day 2: Asakusa & Dinner with Christian

Tokyu Hands

I've read Tokyu hands described as the store full of hipster stuff. The Shinjuku branch is huge and has floors and floors of DIY material as well as high end clothing. We went to check it out on the morning of our second day in Tokyo since it was right outside the doors of our hotel building. 

I thought these skeletons would be great for my science classroom but they were expensive! 

The bustling of Asakusa and street food

If all the pictures in the section feel chaotic it's because it was! We must have picked the busiest time to go to Asakusa and the Senso-ji temple, or maybe it's always this full of people. The streets leading up to the temple are filled with vending stalls of trinkets and food and we made sure we got a sampling of the hot items. We also stopped in at a Don Quixote  store because we were curious and I needed some cough drops crazy bad.

This place sold little animal shaped cakes filled with sweetened bean paste. They were rolling down hot off the  mini conveyor  belt.

Little bird shaped cake!

The duel for healing incense smoke! John also saw some school boys fanning it toward their crotch area. Teenage boys are the same in every country.

This area was filled with shops that had old fashioned store fronts

A lot of store fronts in Japan have these little ponds made in planters. I want to make one for our doorstep now.
Hot dango! We had this several times during our trip.
Izakaya restaurants lining the streets.

A night on the town in Shibuya with Christian

Our friend Christian has been working for Microsoft in Japan for the last couple of years and kindly offered to take us out for dinner during our trip.  We got a tour of his apartment in Gotanda first and then left for Shibuya for some fabulous hamburgers. It's been said that Japan likes to take things from other countries and then perfect them, and they really do! All the American food there was better than what we've had in the states. He also gave us a walk through A Bathing Ape and the Comme de Garcon section in Parco.

We were still a little jet lagged, but Christian convinced us that the night was young and that we had to try Japanese karaoke. He took us to the same place that was in Lost in Translation but I was no Scarlett Johanssan here! Christian was really good and John and I struggled through our songs. I kept picking ones with a male singers because I was recovering from a cold. And guys, I really stink at singing! I'm really glad we did it though. It's good to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

Shibuya Crossing.

Christian rocking it to some Weezer.

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