Sunday, May 31, 2015


A short picture story of our spring.

Jen invited me to go to see Jane Goodall speak.  She is a science hero of mine and it was a wonderful opportunity to listen to her.  I have this extension project I give my students where they can choose to research and report about a female scientist and almost all of them always pick Dr. Goodall. Now I have this experience I can share with them.  Dave's dad works for a non-profit that supports the Jane Goodall Institute and he was so kind to pass his ticket on to me.

We took a short weekend trip to San Diego to meet my new nephew Oliver. I was so excited to see and hold him! The hometown weather was in the perfect 70 degree range as usual and there were lemons, limes, and cherries ready for picking in my parent's backyard. Sometimes I really miss Southern California!

Andre asked that we not post pictures of Oliver, so here is a picture of their other child.

We had a going away dinner with the Nashes since J. Nash will be working in Montana for the summer. We usually do some hikes, picnics and shooting excursions (as in our cameras) together in the summer and we'll miss doing those with him and the whole family. Ansel loved that strawberry cream cheese cake I made.

Not pictured are the YW and YM activities, long days at work, the hours of grading, and the ever present stack of dishes we have going each week because it seems like we're sometimes literally running from one place to the next. Believe me, I'm not one of those people that enjoys being overly busy and frantic. I'd much rather have a slower pace of life. This spring has been good and full of lots of activities, but I'm also hopeful that the summer will bring some more leisurely days.

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