Sunday, May 24, 2015

John's Birthday

Our schedules have been full for the last two months and we haven't had an open weekend for awhile. When I asked John what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted a day to do absolutely nothing. He got his wish and spent his birthday in pajamas playing vintage arcade games on the computer while I planned the Tokyo part of our Japan trip.  Since John usually takes charge of breakfast when we make it, I treated him to egg toast and sausage, and ventured out of the house to grab some cinnamon rolls from Kneaders. We both reveled in a day free of obligations and the rainy weather added to the relaxed and happily isolated ambiance.

Neither of us wanted to cook that night so we went out for Indian food for dinner and made a stop at the bookstore, which is one of John's most favorite places in the world. He browsed the fantasy and scifi section while I picked up a few novels and the latest issue of PDN.

Wrapped up in books.

We didn't get presents for each other this year for birthdays so instead we did a combined gift to ourselves at the Stein Erickson Lodge later that week that included dinner and a hot tub on our deck. It's their off-season right now so it was empty and quiet which is just what we wanted.

Upping the temp to a toasty 104.

I could get used to this! I think we need a Japanese style bathtub installed in our house. 

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