Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The dam, the burros, and the red rock

This was our second day of off-the-strip adventures in Vegas. As much as my mom hates the strip, she has this inexplicably strong love for the Hoover Dam. John and I didn't know a lot about the dam and as soon as we arrived my parents thrust us through the line for the dam tour. They had already been and so they did other things while we where there. Apparently this site has become quite the tourist trap and if you don't get there early enough you can sit around for hours waiting for your tour to start.

I did appreciate the experience though. It was interesting and I particularly liked the art deco used in the dam.  Gamers will recognize the elevator on the way out of the dam as the elevator in which you descend to the city of Rapture in the beginning of Bioshock. No, I haven't played it myself but I've watched John and may sometimes refer to the game in my genetics lessons.

Testing out the film filters on the Fuji x100t. Poor John was struggling all day with the sun and couldn't take a normal picture. 

This bench symbolizes the hours of waiting before the tour started. You have to go through a security check point (not unlike the airport)  to get your tickets and you can't get out of the visitor center area until you take your tour. My parents called to say they were eating a nice lunch while we were inside.

Feeling a little cooped up after waiting and then going underground for the tour, we headed to the nature! You may have noticed I was in my hiking clothes for the dam because I didn't realize that we were going there first.

As we were driving out of the preserve we were lucky enough to spot two wild burros running across the road. I can't imagine what an accident would be like with one of those. I wished I could have pet one, despite the no touching burros sign.

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