Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunday Walks: Trail by Utah Lake

Antsy from sitting around too long on Sundays? Me? Never! HA! I convinced John to go with me on a longer than usual nature walk since my birthday landed on a Sunday. There were big plans to go looking for barn owls and chukar in an area south of Utah Lake. I was so excited! Have you ever heard a chukar before? Don't worry, I haven't either, but that's why I really wanted to go. Hopes were dashed when we realized halfway down the mountain view corridor that we didn't have much gas.

John, resourceful as always, found a closer trail at the north end of the lake where we happily walked and chatted about books. And found dead things.


Long horn cattle.

Someone had set these bones up creepily . . .

right next to this rotting calf that we stumbled across in a thicket of trees. It smelled really bad! 

"I will consult the bones!" - Willow

This was my second outing with the Fuji x100t. I think it went a little bit better this time. Practice makes perfect. I can't wait to try it out in Japan!

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