Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday Tea Party

I went out for a birthday tea party with Jen and Angelica at the Grand America back in March. I think every girl probably has a childhood dream of having a real English tea with cucumber sandwiches, clotted cream, and scones. It was so fun to have that wish fulfilled and feel fancy and lady-like for a day.

Started the week off with a birthday package from my sister.

I was using my new Fuji x100t which I got for the sole purpose of its easy purse portability and manual controls. It's way better than using my cell phone. I highly recommend it! It's no full frame camera and it's obviously not a Leica, but it will do for places and situations where I don't feel like lugging around something large. It was my first time taking it out and I forgot to change a few settings so some of these are a little off. Oops! I'm glad that it captured the fun moments though. 

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holtkamp said...

This was the best afternoon! Xo