Sunday, January 4, 2015

San Diego Christmas 2014

A few pictures from our Christmas Day in San Diego. 

John talking to his parents and testing out his new wireless headphones that I gave him.  I was jealous of them on our flight back.

My parents didn't put a tree up this year so presents were piled up in the front room.

John and Jon Snow. John doesn't like toys so this was mostly a gag gift. I told him he had to put it on his desk at work so he could be "that kind of nerd". But Jon turned into Jaimie when John snapped off his hand. I guess that makes John a Bloody Mummer.

John was in charge of making the mashed potatoes and a buttermilk pie.

I did the rolls (as always). I think we made 3 batches total which yielded something like 84 rolls. I think that's a record!

My mom wanted an updated picture of the grandkids.

They're a good looking bunch!

I have a family of foodies and I think we struck gustatory gold this year with the amazing main courses, sides, and desserts. We had smoked brisket, lamb chops, and prime rib. It was a lot of meat!


Amanda said...

1) I swear you made a deal with the devil because you are more beautiful in each picture I see of you.

2) I'm joining your family. My name is now Amanda Mori Ridge. Eliza will be delighted. You guys look like you have so much fun!

Melinda said...

Amanda, you're too kind! I think it's just the red lip color ;) And we'd adopt you into the Mori clan any day!