Monday, January 12, 2015

New Years at the Woolley Cabin 2014

So, the New Year came and it was awesome. Carl and Ck invited us up to the Woolley cabin to celebrate.  There was an international theme so we both went with our ancestor's countries of origin. There were tamales and empanadas for dinner and lots of celebrating after. Not pictured: aerial fireworks and over-flowing hot tub soaking combined with crazy snow runs, barrel rolls, and snow angels. Best of the best!

Getting ready for the party.

John tied my obi with the help of a youtube video and I was impressed at his skill! I have no patience for such things.

Our kind hosts!

John: "It's like when a girl walks into church and someone's wearing the same dress as her."

Kyle with the mystery box that went BOOM!

There were also a ton of cute couple pictures that would have been too much to put in one post. 

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