Monday, December 8, 2014

En Memorium

Some days I kind of miss the old style of blogging that my friends and acquaintances used to do back when we were in college, newly married, or starting our first jobs after graduating.  It was those wistful posts with wish lists of the little things we'd buy if we had the money, the places we'd visit if we could, the movies we saw, the bands we heard for the first time, the food we made, our observations of the people we met, and our self-doubts and improvement goals that captivated me for hours. I also can't forget the de-lurker posts: "Reveal yourself and leave me a comment!" as well as the ones on our political views occasionally peppered with how we felt about everyone who didn't believe exactly like we did.

As we got a little older our stories morphed into paragraphs and pictures of first apartments or homes and how we decorated them, the restaurants we could now afford to eat at, our travels to big cities, life with the new hubby, and the gory birth stories which I admit I always read with a mixture of fascination and fear when they first started appearing in my reader.

The blogging world seems like it's been left to those with sponsors clogging up their sidebars and many have left blogging platforms in favor of Instagram and Twitter for quick quips or a glimpse of their kids, outfits, and pets. I get it though. We don't have as much time as we used to.We're feeding kids, finishing up the last bits of work, or binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. But I liked those sometimes silly and other times more thoughtful posts from the old days. I was reading a post tonight written by the college aged daughter of an old co-worker.  It was refreshingly honest, vulnerable, and reminded me of myself and some of my friends when we were 21.

The blogs of old were filled with the types of stories and rambling thoughts that left me feeling like I knew a person. I'd finish reading a few paragraphs musing that we had a lot in common. I wasn't alone. Or maybe I totally clashed with this person. Regardless, I felt I had a little peek into their mind and their life, or at least the life they portrayed. I wonder sometimes if we'll ever get those slightly voyeuristic days back or if they've passed for good. So, this night, for those blogs long dead in my side bar, I'm pouring one out.


Kristen said...

I miss the old blogs too. Too many sponsors and blogging for money. And how did you know I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls. I really hope Rory ends up with Jess in the reunion show.

Melinda said...

Haha! I'm watching it this very minute! And I might have watched 3 episodes already today after work. I'm pro Jess as well! We all know he was the coolest Rory BF.

Emily said...

I miss the old style too but until I have time to get a shower and exercise daily my blog is neglected.

luvsfun said...

This is "typical Melinda"; poignant and well-written. Thank you for your thoughts. Though rare as compared to years ago, I still try to take the time to hand write letters to family. I suspect THAT is a prime example of our generational differences!

jujucita said...

This is beautiful, Melinda. As we get older, I definitely feel a nostalgia for days past (and recognition that they WERE different days). Great job putting a hard-to-express feeling into words..

Keep these types of posts coming! xo