Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Girls Camp this summer was probably one of my most favorite years yet! I am so grateful for our wonderful camp director, Heather, who is super organized and enthusiastic and makes everything engaging for the girls. I'm also so happy that we have our camp assistants, priesthood help, and leaders that provide support for this huge event.

This year there were some new things! Bears! Yes, bears! They found claw marks raked in one of the tents in the neighboring camp ground that was less than a mile away. Have you heard of Tim Treadwell (aka the Grizzly Man)? I wish I hadn't.

It also rained this year and our girls and leaders were caught in a downpour while trying to set up camp. Everyone was such a good sport though that these seemed like minor complications. Except for maybe the bear. Just the idea still gives me the shivers!

We went off site this year and did some rock climbing in Heber. Leaders were given a chance to climb too. They call me Sis. Ninja now.

We got to go canoeing in this pretty little lake. They threatened the girls by saying there were leeches in the water so they wouldn't try to tip the canoes. Haha!

Sheldon's masterful rain cover for our tent. Too bad there aren't such things as bear covers!

Of course there was lots of crafting.

But we were also cool and learned about knives and hatchets and blood circles. Blood circle just sounds so hardcore.

The mountains in Woodland were green and there were lots of little chipmunks, rabbit, and deer around the site.

Some spiritual study moments.

And it wouldn't be Girls Camp at Monarch Meadows without manicure time. The girls also include any Prieshood leaders that happen to be in the vicinity in this ritual. 

Our fearless camp director!

I learned a few new songs up at camp and there was lots of Big Booty.

The girls also composed some songs of their own. And lucky Hanni in the middle there gets to also have me as her science teacher this year in school! I hope these kids don't get sick of me!

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Amanda said...

I'm so jealous! Your girls camp looks so outdoorsy and fun! We spent way too much time indoors (IMO). BTW, I totally would have tipped a canoe! They told our girls the same bunk about leeches and made them swim in the pool, not the lake. They also said there were probably water moccasins. I, unfortunately, only saw some garden snakes. Lame!