Thursday, August 14, 2014

Seniors and some funny comparisons

When my nephew Matthew was in town from Denver, he asked me to take some senior pictures for him. I was  more than happy to oblige as that meant more family hang-out time.  Unfortunately it was the day that it started raining that month so we spent the first hour or so at Red Robin downing burgers and fries while waiting for the storm clouds to pass.  Luckily we got a quick hour in before the sunset.  I'm not putting all of Matthew's pictures up yet, but while I was shooting I kept remembering John's seniors in the back of my head and I could not resist posing Matthew similarly for a couple frames. So, for your enjoyment . . .

I love how Matthew looks like he's actually a senior and John looks like he's 12! Hahaha! John completely agrees so I promise I'm not being mean.  Here are a couple more of sweet 17 year old John.

A picture with his dog Nikki. Sadly, Nikki passed away during the first few days when we were dating. I remember I was on an overnight birding field trip down in St. George for one of my college classes and texted John eagerly to see how he was doing (I was so excited that we were dating!) and he replied that his dog had died and how sad he was about it. It was kind of sweet because I realized we were both big animal lovers.

John is a deacon's quorum advisor and a scout assistant right now. I'd bet his scouts would love to see this one!

And for your entertainment, here's my senior picture.  We don't do the fancy, out in the wild type pictures in southern California. There's a studio and all seniors have to go to the same place, so I feel like mine is kind of boring in comparison.  If I had a picture of my hobbies and location it probably would have been in a field surrounded by rabbits! Do you think I look as young as John did at the same age?


Emily said...

You definitely look older than little John! Love these pictures!

holtkamp said...

The young lesueurs!!!! I love it!