Friday, August 8, 2014

35mm film from San Francisco

Since I'm not doing any paid photo gigs right now I'm trying to be economical with my causal 35mm film snapshots, but, darn it, they just told me that Walgreens is going to be shipping their film out to Fuji soon for developing. CVS already does something similar. This is not good for the frugal film enthusiast. I have a feeling that it's going to cost more than the tradition drugstore 1 hr. develop and scan and the price of film has already gone up in the short amount of time that I've been shooting it.

We shot with a digital medium format camera (Mamiya 645 DF) in my PLE class last week and it was nerve wracking handling something that costs as much as a car, but also so awesome!

And, completely unrelated, my hair has been driving me crazy! It's been a bumpy ride growing it out. It wings out all over the place, hits at weird places on my face, and can't really be pulled back but is too long to solve with a headband. Curses!


ellen said...

The Costco near me develops film (in Boston). They don't sell film, but they develop it. Go figure.

Emily said...

Love these pictures- especially the onne of your parents. I will never cut my hair shorter than ponytail length again and I'm super hesitant to do bangs again because of the growing out phase. Will a scarf or turban help? How long are you growing it?