Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photo class so far

I enrolled in a Photo Lighting and Equipment course at Salt Lake Community College for the summer. I've really enjoyed taking classes because it helps structure my days and gives me something to work on during my time off. This photography course has been different then my two previous classes. First because it's all digital and second because it's completely technical. I've actually really been enjoying focusing on the technical elements of photography. It's a nice break from the stress of wondering if my images are creative or artistic enough. Of course we're supposed to incorporate some of that into our assignments but it's not the main focus. I do miss using film and being in the dark room but the linear and logical side of my brain loves this side of the art too.

One of our first assignments was a review on exposure equivalents.

The other part was about using the Kelvin scale for white balance. Obviously this is too warm.

We also took a few pictures to practice setting and using a custom white balance. These were just for fun, not turned in for an assignment.

And in case Tara is reading this, this is a different plaid button up! Haha!

I was trying to channel one of those "I'm a scientist in a scientific place" type of pictures, like this one of  James Waston. Maybe no on else really gets that, but I have to look up a lot of scientist pictures for my students when I teach.
My classmate Mike. We were practicing light ratios with one hot light. We're moving onto strobes next week!

Gail was my partner when we learned about using flash with a hot light.

Then we played with gels on flash.

And gels on the hot light.

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Emily said...

These are great! Love that you differentiated the plaid shirts. Ha. The custom white balance looks great!