Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was very low key this year, which is just what we needed.  Between our trip to San Diego and then San Francisco, plus work and school, we haven't spent much time in our home.  We started the morning sleeping in super late and then tracking down the Waffle Love truck in Draper.  We ate those lovely liege waffles in the picnic pavilion of a nearby church and lay under the shade of a tree in the grass afterwards in a comfortable food coma. It was kind of a weird place to relax, but with all the festivities going on around town it was a perfect little hideaway for some quiet, peaceful seclusion.

We later returned home and watched season 1 and started season 2 of the BBC show The Paradise. Have you seen it? I had previewed it on Netflix while doing the dishes the other day and I was immediate hooked! Some of the scenarios remind me of a Jane Austen novel, but I also think the peek into the tactics of running a retail business are interesting. Not that I would ever want to work in retail again.

The binge watching having ended, I scouted out a few local places to swim online.  Here were the results:
  • Marina Park in Saratoga Springs (Utah Lake) had hardly any beach and most people were boating or using ski doos. There were also a large number of flies and gnats, so many that when you walked by a bush and disturbed them you could hear the hum and whir from the mini hurricane of their wings. That was gross and I don't usually mind insects. 
  • Black Ridge Reservoir in Herriman was cold. They also put in this cheap and course sand that feels like slightly dull shards of glass against bare feet. We stood knee deep in the water for a few minutes with arms crossed over chests for warmth, looked at each other, and then walked back to the shore.
  • Home. After all that exploring we ended up back at our own residence at the clubhouse pool. It was warm and the only other occupants were two of my young women.  
This post is turning in to a saga isn't it? Lastly, we watched fireworks coming from Thanksgiving Point from the Mountain View Corridor. Apparently it was a popular spot. We could see all the fireworks from the Salt Lake Valley on the way there and all the ones from Utah Valley once we parked. As you can see, I didn't take pictures of anything. I've been semi consumed with this flash panning assignment I have due next week and haven't wanted to pick up my camera because I feel obligated to work on it if I do.

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