Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer So Far

Summer is here! School is out! The day after school ended John and I, along with Jesika and Blaine, led the Young Women on a lovely, albeit rushed, 5 mile hike for Girls Camp certification. We were in a bit of a hurry as we had to get one girl back for work and we had to catch a flight to San Diego. We may have been gruelling task masters as our water breaks were short and we had 5 minutes to eat our sandwiches for lunch. The girls were in such good spirits though and we were all happy to be out in nature, at least until we hit inclines. Ha!

Then it was off to San Diego for my nephew, Thaddeus' graduation.  John worked half days during our stay there while I indulged in a spa day with my sister Michelle and a shopping trip at UTC. I also had a hay day at Mitsuwa with my mom and we had an absolutely fabulous breakfast at the Great Maple. The highlight of the week was Thaddy donning his scarlet cap and gown and walking up to get his diploma at my high school alma mater.  I may have gotten a little emotional then.  I also embarrassingly got emotional during the stupid Transformers trailer before the Fault in Our Stars. I'm telling you, that and Tupac must just do it for me! I blame it on fertility meds.

Since coming back we've hit the ground running with work projects for John and school for me.  I'm enrolled in a Photo Lighting and Equipment course at SLCC.  It's all digital, which is going to be different but good/challenging for me. Below are my classmates, Ty and Gail, starting one of our first assignments on creating a custom white balance.

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