Friday, May 23, 2014

Wind in my hair and Sun in my Face

Another list because I'm in that end of the school year organization mode right now. Since it's cloudy and supposed to rain this weekend, I'm thinking of warmer months. Summer is when I live! I usually start June off strong and get lazier and become more of a homebody as July rolls around. Here's a list to help urge me out of a mid-summer malaise:
  1. Eat Mexican fruit popsicles sitting on a hot side walk while they start to melt and drip down my fingers. I like the walnut and coconut flavors the best so far. 
  2. Swim in natural bodies of water. The Great Salt Lake. The Provo River. The ocean if I can get to it. I just get really sick of the smell of chlorine. It reminds me of used bandaids, random strands of strangers' hair, and raw toes.
  3. Consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Farmers markets. Fruit stands. Cherries off the back of farmer's trucks in Santaquin. Peaches from that one stand on Provo. Vegetables from the local farm.
  4. Picnics - by the lake with fizzy drinks and good sides. A southern themed one with fried chicken, watermelon, and a strawberry ice box cake with friends would be fun! I would also include lots of Jojo potato wedges from Harmons!
  5. Nature meandering. I've been scared to go hiking by myself after listening to the faux Grizzly Man (Tim Treadwell) attack audio and the incident in American Fork Canyon a few years ago. I need to order bear spray. It will work on creepers and animals alike! I would also like a bayonet. I'm starting a box of curiosities that I collect from my nature walks. So far I have a seagull rib bone and one of those round rocks from the petrified dunes at Snow Canyon. I figure they'll be useful in the science classroom. 
  6. Bake and give some of it to neighbors. I'm a crappy neighbor during the school year. I don't get out to talk to people much because I feel like I'm talking all day to my 7th graders and am usually tired by the time I get home from work. Summer is my baking time and food is a good way to make friends. I need to find some mini springform pans to make multiple cheesecakes from one recipe. 
  7. Live music - we've been lazy to go to shows. John didn't want to see Morrisey with me. He hates his voice! How?! The Head and the Heart? Arctic Monkeys? Janelle Monae if it weren't on a Sunday. 
More to come! 

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