Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in the Mountains

CK and the Woolley family were so kind to invite us and John's parents up to their mountain cabin once again! We've only been in the winter and it was fun to see everything in a different season.  Now, I say it's a cabin, but it's more of a mansion cabin! Both the house and the grounds are spacious yet lovely and inviting. It's so fun to see the detail, thought, and care that the family has put into it and we feel very grateful for the times we have been invited to relax there.

You can see part of the cabin on the hillside here.

Cheesiest picture, but John thought it was hilarious. I borrowed a jacket from the Woolley's collection and it was a bit big on me, but made me feel warm and bundled like a hibernating bear.

David was able to ride up to mountain trails in the Razor, which we all thought was super cool!

Look at the greenery! We really need to stop and take more pictures next time because it's breathtaking.

Tossing rocks along the river.

Carl and CK. CK was a trooper and went on all the walks even though she's due in a few weeks. She looks great doesn't she?

Athelia Claire is a free spirit! I love her vibrant energy!

We had dinners on the deck overlooking the river with swallows and hummingbirds flying around. It was heavenly!

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Gorgeous pictures!