Monday, May 12, 2014

Not so pearly and not so white

The last couple of weeks I've been so exhausted that when I walk upstairs I'll make a beeline for my bed and as soon as head hits pillow I'm out. This means that I'm not brushing my teeth at night, sometimes after downing a can of soda, which is gross. I'm afraid of my next trip to the dentist. I also occasionally grind my teeth and so I have anxiety teeth falling out dreams which don't help the situation. My goal this week is to brush my teeth every night.

I haven't been washing my face at night either. Another gross. I've been using a Retin-A formula by Skinmedica that I love and that seems to save me in between those completely exhausted nights when I actually remember to get ready for bed.  I've also been loving this pumpkin puree face mask that smells exactly like a pumpkin pie, spices and all. I ordered the chocolate version last week. Anyone want to come over to my place for a spa night?

My hair is really short now. Not a pixie, but a little too short for my taste. It kind of looks like Jennifer Lawrence's baby bob but not as nice. It's kind of awkward and I may be subconsciously avoiding the camera lately. It's growing and I'm not one to freak out over a haircut so it's all alright.

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Amanda LeSueur Berns said...

both of these last two posts made me laugh and cry and just wish we were closer. love you guys.