Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Homeward Bound

My San Diego bucket list:

  • The beach. Things have cooled down since the Santa Ana and all those fires, but I hope it's warm enough to enjoy some salt water and sand beneath my feet.
  • Breakfast at either Snooze or The Great Maple.
  • Mitsuwa - I need to stock up on car air freshener. They have this scent called squash that doesn't smell like squash. It's fresh and a tiny bit sweet like a fresh rain meets a grapefruit grove. Also to get: candy (panda poki, kiss mints, etc.), Tombow drawing pencils, Fudge magazine, sushi, rice, ceramics - pitchers and cups, and hopefully a ramen lunch at the cafe. John strongly dislikes going here so I'll have to go with my mom. 
  • Madewell - I want to try on some sandals and they don't have one in Salt Lake.
  • Strawberry picking. The best strawberries I've ever had were from a random roadside stand on the old dirt back road to Del Mar. They have you-pick fields in Carlsbad and elsewhere. I just hope they survived the fires! 
  • Possible spa day with the sisters and mom at the RB Inn. I could use a massage and a pool side lounge with a cobb salad. 
  • PQ Canyon walk. My old running route. 
  • And obviously, celebrate Thaddy's graduation and spend lots of time with my family! I miss them! 

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