Thursday, May 8, 2014

Aunty Kaz's Burial

I meant to put these up much earlier. My Aunty Kaz passed away in January and John and I as well as my parents, attended her funeral.  It was bitter sweet as we had the opportunity to spend time with relatives we hadn't seen in awhile and hear some wonder stories about the beautiful person Kaz was, but at the same time had to say goodbye to a beloved relative.

A couple of my favorite stories:

Aunty Kaz used to help my dad in school when he was little because my grandparents (her mother and father-in-law) didn't speak English. She would go to school to speak with the teachers, help with homework, and invite him to read children's books with her on her bed at night.

She made little trips and outings with her family always seem like a special occasion.  One of my cousins shared a story about how something as small as going out for an ice cream and eating on a park bench would feel so special with her. She would also make homemade cinnamon rolls and cookies for her boys to eat when they came home from school.

We love you Aunty Kaz and will cherish the memories you've left with us.

*Using the word Aunty is totally an Asian thing and something I will definitely promote once I have my own children.

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