Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anatomy of a Birthday

Also included but not pictured was the Disney movie Cars. John first "watched" this when he was high on Percocet after getting ACL surgery the first year of our marriage. He actually watched it twice but keeps claiming that he never saw it. This will end that complaint once and for all and he won't have to keep watching the first 10 minutes with Vaughn every time we visit the Nashes.

Enjoying some birthday flan for dessert at Texas de Brazil.
We kept it low key for John's birthday this year: presents, dinner, and a movie on the couch afterwards. The best friend of one of my YW suggested we try Texas de Brazil. Her family is Brazilian and I thought she'd know the best of the churrascaria in Salt Lake. I'm glad we took her advice! We both enjoyed the variety of meats. Favorites included all the cuts of lamb (leg and rack) as well as the picanha.

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down with house targaryen!