Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother Heart

I don't know if Mother's Day has ever been particularly hard for me since we've been undergoing infertility treatments. Sure, there was probably a talk here and there about how "you can't understand true love until you've given birth to a child" or "it's something only a mother could understand and appreciate".  I won't pretend that those words don't hurt for a second, but I realize there isn't any malice behind them. For the most part, John and I take this day to really appreciate our own mothers. There is so much to appreciate with them and so much to reflect upon with what they've done for us that it takes over any fleeting feelings of bitterness or sadness that could arise. There's just too much to celebrate and be grateful for to focus on what we don't have. We try to make that our motto in going through a lot of this and it's helped us live fuller lives.

This is what my Mother's Day was like:
  • Breakfast in bed prepared by John. Scrambled eggs with cheese, toast with the Trappist jam we picked up when we visited the monastery (I have pictures I still need to develop of this outing), and candied bacon. I ate way too much bacon. I should have shown you the sickening amount of bacon fat left on the pan it was cooked on. 
  • A lovely sacrament meeting. Chocolates were passed out. I don't really eat chocolate, but they're appreciated. These will probably be given to my students as a reward for picking up trash or something. 
  • We went to the gospel essentials class for Sunday school and I really enjoyed the lesson. It was on the creation. The teacher is a lover of David Attenborough and brought some cool books and mentioned cell anatomy and the biology major in me rejoiced! I love the mixture of science and the gospel.
  • We watched an anime (oh yes we did!) about a single mother raising children in the country. It was kind of the perfect movie for the day. It made me think about the huge the sacrifices single mothers have to make to provide for their families as well as those mothers whose husbands have to spend long long hours at work and are basically single mothers 5-6 days of the week. I may have teared up a couple of times.
  • We talked to both of our mothers on the phone. 

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holtkamp said...

i'm glad you had a great mother's day! ps. i love chvrches :)