Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Birthday Weekend in St. George

For my birthday this year I just wanted to get away, specifically to somewhere warm! Things had been crazy busy with doctor's appointments, YW, photography, field trip planning and regular work responsibilities. It so happened that my birthday weekend coincided with the end of the quarter and I had a 3 day weekend, so we booked a hotel and drove south! 

We stayed at this amazing wellness/spa resort. Since everything was so health concentric (Muesli for breakfast? Meditation group at noon?) that there were just about zero children there which created an aura of blissful silence. When we went out to the pool it was like stepping onto the hushed grounds of an water ancient temple. Perhaps I'm exaggerating, but it totally felt like that after being around two hundred teens shouting at each other all week.

Our trip included kicking back and relaxing, eating healthy food, eating unhealthy food, swimming, reading, soaking, and hiking.

One of our hikes was to the petrified sand dunes in Snow Canyon. I was kind of obsessed with the textures there.

I was also fascinated by these tiny bulbous rocks that eroded from the dunes. Why does this happen geologist friends? Miriam?

Another stop was the natural white rock amphitheater.

I think air play ocarina pictures are going to be a thing for us now. John was playing Epona's song this time.
This is not what you might think it is! I know I can be gross, but promise this is old Lava flow.

Now switching over to some of John's pictures on the 5Diii:

Our daily view from the resort.

It was freezing for the first part of our hike. I had on 4 layers on top.


Since this place was so healthy we had to make a jailbreak for some Ice Berg Shakes.


Kristen said...

That looks amazing! I love your trench coat for the jailbreak, you always have the perfect outfit! :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

Emily said...

How perfect! Happy belated birthday!

Desiree said...

Happy belated Birthday! That looks like the PERFECT weekend:)

holtkamp said...

Glad you guys got away!