Thursday, March 20, 2014

Confession and a Book Signing

If you haven't guessed by now, I am kind of a nerd, or at least I am into *some nerd things. I read X-Men Comic books as a teenager, love all things J.R.R. Tolkien including the 1977 cartoon adaptations of The Hobbit (and yes I am one of those people who read the Similarian), played a lot of Zelda, and should have been caught for semi-plagiarizing a Dungeons & Dragons book in 8th grade.  I tried to put the nerd-ish things aside as I moved into high school, but when I met John, like cleaves unto like, and I've slowly learned to embrace this sometimes socially perilous side of myself. 

The crowning event of accepting my nerd side so far was attending the Brandon Sanderson book signing of Words of Radiance last week. 

We had dinner at 180 Street Tacos and ended up arriving at BYU early, but not as early as these guys who camped out for 3 days.  To pass the time we went to look at the fish in the Widstoe, but forgot that they had drained all the aquariums. We visited the Eyring Science Center instead to check out the new mineral display.  We thought that Miriam would approve. 

This was the crowd right before the doors of the bookstore opened. It got a lot crazier. There was a disappointingly low number of capes and costumes. Also, there were very few females. 

Me and my Mistborn buddy. He even let me hold one of his daggers.  
John's friend Richard joined the Q&A line. This guy is hardcore into Brandon Sanderson.

I also wanted to add that despite my grand plans to get an awkward family photo/sitting in Santa Claus' lap style picture with the author, it was just too crowded.  One day, one day.

* Are you a real nerd


Kristen said...

No shame in this at all...embrace who you are! :) Looks like a fun night!

Anne said...

We had tons of fun seeing him in Phoenix even though I haven't read all of his books (we're slowly going through WoT together but not to his yet). There was a girl in a mistcloak and tons of guys there. Tons. Everyone was so happy and excited to be there and he was so passionate you couldn't help but like it. The funniest part of the night was when the cashier asked if anyone still needed to buy anything (since people were gathered all over holding their books) and two people from opposite sides yelled "Only if you have a mistcloak for sale!" right at the same time. I was glad we went!

Hans said...

Melinda, I'm a big fan on Sanderson as well. Very cool you both were able to attend the book signing. That was a lot of fun to read and had me laughing. Mahalo!