Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cedar Valley

Last week John and I experienced some hard things; some dashing of hopes that can leave one with the type of sadness you can get lost in if you're not careful.  We are so thankful for the thoughtfulness, prayers, and words from our family and close friends that have helped us feel not so alone during this time.

To help ease the weight of dampening thoughts, we went on a little excursion on President's Day. It ended up being just the thing to make me feel like my old self.

I used this Utah birding website to find a trail and set out with multiple cameras, wellies, and snow boots to feel the fresh air and see some wildlife. Our playlist, provided by Sirius XMU, included tunes by Foxygen, Japandroids, Sun Kil Moon, and the Broken Bells. A herd of pronghorn antelope were first spotted, but it was across the street from a Walmart. It was still cool though. Only in Utah.

The first stop chosen from the site was Manning Canyon.  There are great fields on the way out to this destination without barbed wire fences to prevent one from running like crazy in the grasses. The drive up to the canyon proved treacherously muddy, even for all wheel drive, and we had to turn around since we started slipping and spinning out in the sludge. We got out of the car a bit to admire the Pinyon-juniper woodland which reminds me of an Oompa Loopa/Dr. Seuss landscape because all the trees are low, round, and stunted looking. We'll have to revisit in warmer, drier weather.

The second location was a random part of Cedar Fort just past the Stage Coach Inn. We stopped at the closed inn to take a peak through the windows. Its historical marker claims that "Mark Twain most likely stayed here". The real attraction of this area is a bald eagle nesting site situated in a line of trees on someone's farm. After driving around in the fading sunlight without seeing anything significant we decided to give up, but just as we turned around we spotted two eagles, one soaring! It was awesome!  "Frodo the eagles!"


Emily said...

The eagles! So glad you got out! Sending love and prayers your way.

Angie said...

Sorry to hear something is causing you sadness. :(
But I love your instant photos, and it sounds like it was a fun getaway!