Monday, February 24, 2014

Belated Valentines

John and I postponed our Valentine's Day this year because of packed schedules and the hard week we'd had previously. It was a mutual decision so there weren't any shattered expectations when we ended up running errands and crashing early for bed on actual V-day.  Let me tell you though, I think I'm a huge fan of postponing Valentines Day. We didn't feel like we were competing with others for anything. It was laid back, no pressure, and probably my favorite Valentine's celebration yet.

We started the day with homemade Belgian waffles with Biscoff spread, strawberries and whipped cream, syrup and candied bacon. John actually cooked everything. He's been cooking a lot lately!

We did little gift baskets for each other that were filled with small treats. I got John some gourmet cheeses that were actually really difficult for me to shop for. I was in that cold refrigerator room in Pirate O's for awhile smelling all the cheeses and running back to look at the cheese chart they have posted.

John got me mini daffodils. I like that they'll stay alive and grow and I can plant them in our yard later. They're still blooming right now.

John's basket to me had a theme: Things I like to eat but he hates. It included gourmet pickles, dark chocolate, and nori wrapped Japanese rice crackers. A pack of strong spearmint gum was also included. We also had a indulgently lazy afternoon watching Elysium which we both didn't end up liking. 
I'd never been to Park City during the busy season and it was bustling! We had a food lovers dinner at Riverhorse on Main. I made John try the bone marrow, but our favorites were the crispy goat cheese salad and the *buffalo short ribs.  

Main Street lights.

*Ever since my friend Morris posted this article about over- and underrated meats I've been trying to be more adventurous. Also, I may have made a list of the underrated meats and put it in a google doc for a quick reference on my phone when ordering. Food obsessed I am.

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Emily said...

You two are the cutest! I love that picture of you! It looks and sounds like the perfect celebration!