Monday, February 17, 2014

A Smattering from winter, summer, and fall

In other words, this is the post where I'm dumping my various film pictures from the Mamiya (medium format) and Pentax (35mm) for posterity and all. I have been inconsistent with practicing so these are all spread throughout last year. You will see many pictures of John here for he is my muse. John fans will rejoice and John enemies will rant in frustration.  John neutrals will shrug with a "meh".

We took our niece, Athelia Claire, to the children's water garden at Thanksgiving Point.  I couldn't pretend not to be grossed out by the copious amounts of recycling water that the children were imbibing there. Athelia was so happy so watching her served as a good distraction.

The Homestead resort for our 7th anniversary. John was humoring me with a Legend of Zelda pose (there's an imaginary ocarina in his hands) for some focusing practice.

Wedding tent.
The Everglades.

John's lovely light capture of Carli Spoon.

Jen's maternity shoot. Little Tess is here now!

I made everyone go on this cow water barrel ride at Cornbelly's. It was super short and pretty lame, but I like that we all look like it's the bee's knees.

Kids being tortured to ride the cows.
Assisting for the Nash family photos at Utah Lake.

Oh Provo, land of our college aged youth!

The river Jordan, I mean the Jordan River.

Millcreek in an early fall snow.

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Amanda said...

i like the clever captions. the photos are stunning. as always.