Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I still need to put our New Year's celebration pictures up here. In the meantime, this is what we've been up to:

  • We've had two deaths, one right after another, in each of our families.  My auntie Kaz passed away last week at 86 and John's grandfather also passed away last Friday at 90.  We loved both of them and they will be sorely missed!
  • My parents stayed with us for a few days for my aunt's funeral. It was fun to have them with us, if only for a little while. My mom came to YW with me on Sunday and helped hold the teacher's baby during the lesson. My dad went home teaching with John.  They are the best and easiest guests! 
  • Even though Monday was a day off for us, I spent most of it working (i.e. grading late work for the end of the quarter). We made sure we fit in some time to go out for breakfast at Penny Ann's for their filling Pot O' Gold. There were a lot of Sundance followers there I think. Lately when we go out to eat we can hear people talking about films and it's usually a giveaway. Afterwards we did some quick baby gift shopping. It's always baby season here! I think I spend more time in Baby Gap than any other store. 
  • I got a new Fuji Instax mini camera that I'm geeking out about. John hates it. He hates all my film stuff. I want to make some moleskine accordion journals with them because I'm bad at getting pictures printed. So, I chalk it up to keeping current with family history. 
  • John got a new car! An Acura RDX, black, black interior, to replace his aging '94 Integra. 
  • The new car came with a 3 month Sirius XMU subscription and I am thoroughly enjoying the indie rock station (Ch. 35) and find myself going to their webpage and refreshing it often when I'm not in the car to see what's playing. Utah is not the fountain of new music so you have to try a little harder here to find new tunes.  
  • For those who may have a fanstasy nerd persuasion, like myself, I've been reading the excerpts from the soon to be released second book in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive that John sends me from the Tor blog. 
  • I feel like all my pictures have been crap lately. All at night, indoors, terrible light. I need to get out and shoot! It's the winter photography doldrums. 

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