Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In the morning.

John and I didn't stay up past midnight for the hot tub, snow angels, and movie because John forgot his trunks and I fell asleep waiting for him to find them. We can officially be old people now and I'm completely alright with that. I cling to all the sleep I can get whenever I can get it. The next day was filled with waffles and eggs for breakfast, outdoor snow excursions, and a homey leek soup for lunch.

Waking up to this river and animal tracks in the snow was idyllic. 

Kenny took us out four wheeling.

Me and Maria in front of the Grizzly Adams Cabin. 

I love that I look as tall as John here! I think I was standing on a log or something, but this just intensified my tall complex by ten fold! 

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